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Song:Feels so Good To Be Loved
Album: Genres:Soul / R&B
Year: Length:279 sec

Lyricist: Manhattans


Ooo baby the more I love you
The more I want to love you
'Cause loving you is
All that´s on my mind
I wish I could be with you
Forever and ever and ever

Oh baby
Well lovin´ you is all that´s on my mind
Yes it is
I want you (2x)
Want-a you
I wanna have you one more time
Got an easy way of lovin´
And it´s the best Ive ever had (had)
Well well and it feels - it feels so good
To be loved so bad

Oh baby yeah
Needing you is more than I can take
Come on hold me touch me thrill me
Do it to me once again
You fill me with desire
And it´s gonna drive me mad
Yeah-hey-hey and it feels it feels so good
To be loved so bad

(One two three are you ready?)
Are you ready?
Hold on steady
Oh hold on steady
Here we go oh yeah now
Here we go here we go again now
Move a little bit closer
Come on follow me to ecstacy
And oh girl
Can´t believe the way we float
(We float-we float-we float) Oh no
I wanna love you- love you- love you
I don´t ever wanna let you go
(Doo-doot-doot-doo) un- hum

Now you´ve got me where you want me
And you know it makes me glad
Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey cause it feels
It feels so good to be loved so bad
Lovin´ you is all that´s on my mind

I want ta have ya just one more time
Yes I do um-hum (woo)
Needing you is more than I can stand


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