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Song:Flyin Hi
Year: Length:432 sec


Crisis in the supermarket prices
Prospects not the nicest, my wife is
About as cold as ice is
When stressed she's not the wisest, who is?

We all got baggage, her's is financial
Peace to my uncle and so thanks to
A loan from him we still have a home to live in
I'm learning to ride the rhythm

When she come in, face full of arguing
Another nice night in ruined
Remembering back when we was just into each other
Now we just injure each other without thinking

And when the silence fall
And the world gets really small, she crawl into bed
I'm in my 350Z
High speed meditation just to ease my head

Light beep on as I slide in
Put the music on to keep me from crying
A tear may escape as I scrape first gear
But have no fear, I'll never stop trying

I'll never stop trying

I love the surge, the pull away from the curb
The way the sound reverberate as I push my foot down
Accelerate straight out of town
And with the help of James Brown on the tape

I reach escape velocity on the M3
Transcend my physical boundaries
Blend with the mystic reality
And finally I'm free

Travelling instantaneously through space
Til I reach that place within me
That has no trace of a beginning, has no end
And where I both receive and send

My soul fills the universe end to end
And I feel myself heal and mend
My mind is still and I'm floating
Look down, throttle's still wide open

Inner serenity comfort me
Past Junction 23
On my way back, full chat, and I'm flying
I won't crack and I'll never stop trying

I'm flying
I'll never stop trying

"It's like all of a sudden,
and everything is different.
You can still see everything around you,
but it's all completely lost its significance.
It's not important anymore.
This inner acceptance that you are we,
and everything that is, is you.
Emotions unstick and fall away,
til all that remains is joy."

My earthly body's doing 160
I float free in the realm of eternity
The essential inner drama
Where my rhythm resonates so all phenomenon

Full up, original stamina
Look up, I know the speed camera
Physical laws unravel, I travel through the fabric
Of the unseen going mad quick

Some call it magic
They flash and I never get a ticket
I'm living with the mystic laws
The benefit is automatic

And I'm back with my girl, back in the real world
2 AM, we both tired of arguing
She wanna know we're I been
Back before Big Bang and then back again

And she scold me, stop lying
And I told her
And I'd hold her
I'll never stop trying


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