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18 Summers - sibyl vane Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:sibyl vane
Album:Virgin MaryGenres:Gothic
Year:2002 Length:307 sec


All art is at once surface and symbol

When the sound of her footsteps
Had died away, dorian locked the door, and
Put the key in his pocket. he felt safe now.
No one would ever look upon the
Horrible thing. no eye but his
Would ever see his shame.

Little girl, do you wanna play?
On the stage every day
I'll show you the way

Little girl, you'll be the queen
On the cover of a magazine
You know what I mean

Little girl, do you wanna be
Famous for eternity
You can walk with me

Little girl, do you wanna see
The devil
Do you wanna see me?
This is the key

See the flaming third eye
In the middle of my forehead


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