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Song:Intro 2
Album:Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water Disc 1Genres:Rock
Year:2000 Length:79 sec

Lyricist: Limp Bizkit


Use your vehicle of salvation, my brothers, go buy a gun.
And go give your gun to Jesus and say 'Jesus...
You go kill the deciples of Satan and you kill the nazis, Jesus.'
Gimme an amen. Amen. Gimme a hallelujah, brother. Hallelujah.
Feel the pain of sweet Jesus. Gimme another amen. Amen. Gimme another. Amen.
You've got to kill the noise.
You've got to kill the pollution of Satan, brother, gimme a hallelujah.
Have you been healed? Have you been saved?
Has it happened to you, brother?
Thank the lord. Praise the lord. I love Jesus. I love Jesus.
Kill the pollution... pollution


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