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Song:Does The Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma (Ft. Ronnie Dunn)
Album:Reba DuetsGenres:Country
Year:2007 Length:274 sec


Does The Wind Still Blow in Oklahoma

Duet by Reba McEntire and Ronnie Dunn

LA's a fast horse daddy
Everybody rides
I'm sorry I haven't called home lately
Out here time flies
I met a boy a few weeks back
He plays in a band
He's a whole lot like you daddy you're gonna like him
He's a good man
At times lonely sneaks up on me
But I'm getting by
Yeah I know what you've always told me
Cow girls don't cry But

Does that wind still blow in Oklahoma
Out here the Hollywood stars sure shine bright
It's such a long way from home here in California

Missin you and that blue wide open sky

Verse 2
Out here it's all freeways fast cars and
Cold concrete
You won't believe all the crazy people
Valley girls sunset freaks
I met a girl you're gonna like her mama
She has your hair
Red as that Talaquah sunset
Seems like an angel I swear
I can't say I don't get lonesome
But I'm alright
Cowboys kinda go with homesick
like blue moons and whippoorwill nights



Don't forget me in your prayers tonight


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