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Otis Redding - That
Song:That's What My Heart Needs
Album:Pain In My HeartGenres:Soul
Year:1993 Length:162 sec

Lyricist: Otis Redding


You left me, for another
You told me, he was your lover
So I'm begging and I'm pleading
And I'm down on any knee, ooh baby
That's What My Heart Needs

Baby, ooh baby
I'm calling you out loud and clear, baby
Ooh baby
I love you, yes I do
And I want on meeting you, ooh baby
That's What My Heart Needs

Darling, my my darling
I need you here right by my side, baby, darling
If you hadn't left that day
Then my love wouldn't be this way, ooh baby
That's what my heart needs

Come on baby
I said I need you right here by my side
I said I need you baby
I need you here to protect me and be my guide
And ooh, baby, yeah baby
I know you don't know what I mean, baby
Ooh, baby, yeah, HEY baby
Hey hey baby
Come on, come on and love me, baby, Lord
Come on, come on and be right by my side
hey, come on


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