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Simon & Garfunkel - Hey, Schoolgirl / Black Slacks Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Hey, Schoolgirl / Black Slacks
Album:Old Friends (disc 3)Genres:Rock
Year:1997 Length:92 sec


Oo-bop-a-loo-cha-bop, you're mine
Woo-bop-a-loo-cha-bop, you're mine

Hey, Schoolgirl in the second row
Teacher's lookin' over so I gotta whisper way down low
I say, woo-bop-a-loo-cha-bop, let's meet
After school at three

Hey, baby, there's one thing more
School is over at half past four
Maybe when we're older, then we can date
Ooo, let's wait

Black slacks
Black slacks
Black slacks
Black slacks
Black slacks
Take it cool, daddy-o
When I put 'em on, I'm a-rarin' to go


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