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 - BILLI NO SEAS UN HEROE Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Paper Lace - Greatest HitsGenres:Pop
Year:2000 Length:229 sec

Lyricist: Paper Lace


The marching band came down along main street.
The soldier blues fell in behind.
I looked across and there I saw Billy
Waiting to go and join the line.
And with her head upon his shoulder

His young and lovely fiancee.
From where I stood I saw she was cryin'
And through her tears I heard her say:

Billy don't be a hero
Don't be a fool with your life.
Billy don't be a hero 'Come back and make me your wife'.
And as Billy started to go she said 'Keep your pretty head low'
Billy don't be a hero 'Come back to me'.
Thesoldier blues were trapped on a hillside.
The battle ragin' all around.
The sergeant cried 'We've gotta hang on boys

Wegotta hold this piece of ground
I need a volunteer to ride out
And bring us back some extra men.'
And Billy's hand was up in a moment
Forgetting all the words she said. She said:

Billy don't be a hero
Don't be a fool with your life. . . .
I hard his fiancee got a letter
That told how Billy died that day
The letter said that he was a kero
She should be proud he died that way
I heard she threw fhe letter away.


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