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Sophie Zelmani - This Room Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:This Room
Album:The Ocean and MeGenres:Akkustisch
Year:2008 Length:182 sec


In this room
Theres a man with a heart
That I can understand
He believes in God and that he
Will be back again

In this room there's love
You can always come here
To feel it again
But if someone leaves
You desperately
Wish them back again

In this room theres a girl
Here is she happy with her pain
She believes in something else
But at least
She will fall again

Just a little bit away from home
Is this room

In this room theres a soul
That is pouring you your wine
And it plays to you the music
That will make you stick around

In this room there is peace
I see angels all around
I believe it in so much
I am the last one
To be around


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