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Tommy Shaw - Ambition Lyrics - Zortam Music
Year:1987 Length:263 sec


One cold grey morning
She left her home
No note no warning
She just ran off alone

She'd met a stranger
The night before
She sensed the danger
Still she wanted more

He had a proposition
She had the skills
He told her with a passion that kills
All you need is

Nobody's gonna hold you back you got
Ooh yeah
The moment's here it's time to react with your

She took his number
Gold business card
Stares from the window
Out over the park
Her skills come easy
She knows what's right
The perfect lover
She's his for the night

He calls her baby
She blocks him out
Romance isn't what it's about
It's about...

The die is cast
It's withing her grasp
But was it worth all the
Trouble and pain

Such a different world
For a small town girl
She'll never go back again

No, no, no

It's a scary business
You can lose your soul
But if you want to maintain control
You gotta have...


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