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Tommy Shaw - No Such Thing Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:No Such Thing
Year:1987 Length:237 sec


No such such thing
You're waiting for the lightning to strike you from the sky
You're waiting for th fireworks on the Fourth Of July
But sure as there's a moon in the heavens up above
There's no such thing as the perfect love

You read Harlequin Romances and True Life Magazines
You're the young and you're the restless
You relate to every scene
I tried to tell you once but I guess it's not enough
There's no such thing as the perfect love

Baby what you want from me come and take it
But never give your heart for free 'cause I'll break it
Yeah I'll break it

You're still listening for the footsteps
You sit there by the phone
Staring at your posters aren't you tired of being alone
You may think you're trying but it isn't hard enough
There's no such thing as the perfect love

There's a time and a place for this
You gotta be there
If you sit around and wait for love it'll get you nowhere

Love can really break your heart if you let it
If you're looking for the perfect love just forget it
Forget it!

Baby you're so precious you're living out a dream
I'm scared that when you wake up you'll look around and scream
'Cause life is no illusion, it really is so tough
There's no such thing as the perfect love


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