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Jackson Browne - Walking Town Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Walking Town
Album:The Naked Ride HomeGenres: 
Year:2002 Length:380 sec


One foot after the other

One place pretty much like another

Some folks got a pretty good deal

Some are just looking for their next meal

Out here where the days go by

And the glances never meet the eye

It's a walking town

And I'm just out here walking 'round

Walking 'round this walking town

You got a house on top of a hill

And a powerful automobile

The windows up, the AC high

In a world of comfort speeding by

Stressed out in the latest style

How long has it been since you walked a mile

In yours or anybody else's shoes

Well, in any life there will be dues

It's a walking town

And I'm just out here walking 'round

Walking 'round this walking town

Walking up, walking down

Walking back, walking 'round

Walking mute, walking bound

Walking through your walking town

One foot on the concrete shore

One foot in the human sea

Night falls on the streets of the city

And it falls over you and me

And all our dreams and our descriptions

Of the life this was supposed to be

Drift above the rooftops and the houses

Until the sunlight finds me where I lay

And it's a walking town

And I'm back out here walking 'round

Walking 'round this walking town

Lyrics by Jackson Browne

Music by Jackson Browne, Kevin McCormick, Mark Goldenberg, Mauricio Lewak, Jeff Young

(Swallow Turn Music, ASCAP; Eye Cue Music, ASCAP; Bossypants Music/Songs of Windswept Pacific, BMI; Bateria Music, ASCAP; Glad Brad Music, Inc., ASCAP)


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