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KENNY LOGGINS - No Other Voice Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:No Other Voice
Album:It's About TimeGenres:Pop_Rock
Year:2003 Length:148 sec


There is no other voice I long to hear
At 3 a.m when I wake in fear
There is no sound can soothe me down to my soul
No other voice but yours

There is no other voice I miss as much
When I'm far from my home, your laughter, your touch
There's no music on earth I'd rather hear
No other voice but yours

Your birdsong in the morning
You're the wind in the trees
The lapping of night waves on tropical seas
You're the sound of my heart beat, my breathing, my life
The lullabye rocking our babies to sleep at night

And through the dead of the voices I scream in my head
There is only one voice that sings love songs instead
There is no other sound that speaks straight to my heart
There is no other voice
Not even a choice
There is no other voice but yours


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