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BOB WELCH - Oh Jenny Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Oh Jenny
Album:Three HeartsGenres:Rock
Year:1979 Length:260 sec


Have you every had nightmares every night We'll it's been that way since you came around I'm trying to fight this feeling down Cause all of my dreams are about you now What kind of curse make me what you so Just a need of you that I can't let go Oh how it's strange what a nightmare can put you through (chorus) Yeah it's two in the morning I don't know what to do The rest of the city is sleeping But the nightmare rides on through Yeah it's three in the morning I can't sleep without you In the dead of the night Here comes a nightmare Destroying my solitude Late at night I can't forget you It's not psychic I'm just scare I could get to sleep if I knew you cared Instead I'm dreamin' of you It's the same nightmare What kind of curse makes me want you so It's a need of you that I can't let go Ain't it strange what a nightmare can put you through (repeat chorus) I know I should be sleeping I tried to go to bed But in a dream I wake up screaming You're the nightmare in my head (repeat chorus)


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