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Snoop Dogg - Tha Next Episode Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Tha Next Episode
Year:1993 Length:185 sec


[Produced by Dr. Dre]

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
You thought it was gone, but it's on once again
Light up the chronic, while I take a couple of sips of the gin
Is it, is it Dre? (uh huh) If it, if it's you (uh huh)
Back on track as we roll like a 7-8 coupe
You deal, you chill on the funk 'cause
Guess what? (What up?)
We still loccin' up
So go to a (?) we'll get smacked up nicely
By the smooth macadamian who's awfully shiesty
Some thinking that I would switch, but I’m never to ever switch
Still clockin' the grip and I give a fuck about a bitch
I gotta have it you see, and so does my diggy-dog
(The motherfucking Doctor D-R-E)

[Verse 2: Dr. Dre + Snoop Dogg]
I'm still Slauson
Cause I'm the boss and
Say they flossin'
Cause it’s Compton
Every baddest bitch who wants to get broke off
Thats how I do it, get into it
With the fluid, and I thought you knew it
Doing it like this and doing it like that
And, uh, when it comes to gats but I ain't have but no (?)
Why try to put up a fight when I can just grab my chrome and put it to your dome?
Only make ya day, so before you start a gang
Would you ask your stank about my bang of the slang
(The 1-5-1)
Cause that's what your dealing with
My 9 double-m, that's what I kill 'em with
If you keep coming at the Doc like he's (crazy)
Fucking with Dre, you’ll be pushing up daisies
Niggas who talk shit really don't (faze me)
Cause ain't nothing but a 'G' thang (baby)

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Now Gs, not BGs, but OGs
\'But I (?) Snoop,\' bitch, please
I ain't got time to be sucker for a ho
Even if she giving up dope
Yo ho, no
Your love is so out of reach
You must've forgot that I was born and raised in Long Beach
Where the hoes come a dime a dozen
You start fronting on the pussy then I fucked your cousin
I ain't buzzin'
I'mma get mine straight up
I'm still Doggy Dogg
Throwin' the pussy at a nigga like me
Cause I’m shakin' ‘em, bakin’ ‘em, takin’ ‘em, fakin’ ‘em
Making 'em brake they selves, G
And your pooh-butt nigga bet nine trips
So you know I got a grip on my shit
And I'll bust a cap if he approaches me
Just to let him see how a real motherfuckin' G
Can turn into murderer with just one switch
Die (?) for your ugly-ass bitch
Now you're put to rest and there's no coming back
As I go about my life just to show you where it's at
So get a glimpse of a pimp who kicks back
It's still like this and like that (Hell yeah)
And you say that I'm crazy
But ain't nuthin' but a 'G' thang baby

[Verse 4: Dr. Dre]
For one of forty-four ways
The motherfuckin' D-R-E is getting paid
Cause I fade, the shit's made, I lay real shit
Never let no motherfucker feel shit
That's something Dre can never deal with
I don't want no motherfuckin' bitches on my roster
Cross the road when you know we're gonna cross ya
You don't want no problems then
So get my motherfuckin' nuts (?) rocks (?)
So what's the deal?
As I reveal
The true feeling that I know you wanna feel
Still do it like a motherfuckin' nigga for life
If you flipping with your bitch then I'll be fucking your wife
They call me Dre but also the notorious (?)
Dre G, thats why I'm always holding my gun
Gun days that went months and soul blunts
That made it back fat
On top of that, they don't know where my stash at
Yo, so business was as usual
Ain't no trippin' because I know you know what I do to you
The O-N-E, the A-N-D-R-E
You'll never make it to tomorrow
If, you come at me like I'm crazy
Take a look at how the streets straight raised me
And how your whole motherfuckin' city plays me
Cause ain't nothing but a G thang (baby)

Download "Snoop Dogg - Tha Next Episode" for FREE!!!


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