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Van Halen - Van Halen - 03 - You Really Got Me Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Van Halen - 03 - You Really Got Me
Album:Best Of Volume 1Genres:Hard rock; Rock; Heavy metal; Pop/rock
Year:1978 Length:366 sec


I know what youre feelin?what youre feeling is easy to see.?I know what youre dreamin?I have those same dreams.?Woa.. Reachin for the beat again.?Lookin for a sign.?It was right here all the time, time, time, time...?I am you and you are me.?Do You believe??Dont you trust me? Me Wise Magic?Ow! Baby its all right.?If you could see?Through my eyes, Me Wise Magic?I feel you breathin?Dont you trust me...(trust me)?I feel you agreein?I know what you need?(whoa) Dont you lie?Just you listen thru me?My words at best to you?A fortune coo coo cookie?(Who are you and where are we?)?Do You believe??Dont you trust me? Me Wise Magic?Yeah yeah! Woahohoh!?If you could see?See through my eyes, Me Wise Magic?A little zen headed your way?Youll get it?halfway down the interstate?Four days from now?It all goes clear?A Buddhist riff for your inner ear?


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