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Album:Dido - Life For RentGenres:Pop
Year:2003 Length:355 sec

Lyricist: Dido


When you're stoned, baby, I am drunk We make love seems a little dazzler It's hard sometimes not to look away And think what's the point when I'm having to hold this fine time I think I'll explode if I can't feel this free now [Chorus:] If you won't let me fall for you Then you won't see the best things I would love to do for you Instead you will be missing me when I go As I want to hang it out in your coat I feel love baby, joy in the road And the world moves with me I feel love start just slip away silently Quietly take the things and go And think what's the point, think where's the hope when coming home [Chorus] And if you find one day, find some freedom merrily With this freedom maybe, maybe you will find some peace With this peace baby, I hope it brings you back to me Bring you home, take me home [Chorus] Oh, take me home Oh, take me home When you're stoned, baby, take me home Oh...


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