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Goldfinger - It Isn
Song:It Isn't Just Me
Year:1997 Length:188 sec


it isn't just me
that wants to be here
by your side
and i know
it isn't just me
that wants to be next to your side
and i know
i only want to hold you
is that asking way too much
i only want to feel you
you're so far away
i guess i'll believethat you care
and i think
the things that you said
keep running around in my head
and i know
i only want to trust you
you lied to me before
i don't know if i can trust you
in time i'll know for sure
it's only been three days
since i have seen your face
i don't think i can wait three more
i know that i can't wait
the static on the phone
makes you so far away
i watch the clock tick by
you haven't called today
and then i fall apart
waiting for your call
you don't tell me how you feel
you leave me in the dark
i guess i blame myself
for staying here with you
i just want to hear the words
you say you need me too


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