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Joe Walsh - Joe Walsh - Turn To Stone Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Joe Walsh - Turn To Stone
Album:The Best of Joe WalshGenres:Classic Rock
Year: Length:316 sec


Hey Now, The Well Run Dry

pages Of Your Book On Fire

read The Writing

on The Wall

hoe Down, It's A Show-Down

ev'rywhere You Look, We're Fighting

hear The Call

and You Know It's Gettin' Stronger

i Can't Last Very Much Longer

turn To Stone

well There's A Change In The Wind

you Know The Signs Don't Lie

such A Strange Feelin'

and I Don't Know Why It's Takin'

such A Long Time

backyard People

and They Work All Day

tired Of The Speeches And The Way

that The Reasons Keep Changin'

just To Make The Words Rhyme

and You Know It's Gettin' Stronger

can't Make 'em Run Much Longer

turn To Stone


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