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Overkill - Supersonic Hate Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Supersonic Hate
Album:W.F.O.Genres:Trash Metal
Year:1995 Length:257 sec


Lookin' down the wrong end of a gun! I'm makin' tracks for Jersey before I'm wasted by the sun. A simple man in a complex world got the means, But the know how escapes me... Opposite sides of the same fence, Not far apart but still, I don't like you. Supersonic hate. Bang bang bang bang bangin' on yer skull! Eatin' everything is sight, but still I don't seem full. Complex man in a simple world got the means, Got the know how to rape me... In the park sharin' the same bench, Not far apart but still, I could never love you. Supersonic hate. Here we go! Here we go! Sonic in the hate age. Here we go! Talkin talkin talkin' till you're blue! Screamin' supersonic hate, I'll get over you. Opposite sides of the same fence, Not far apart, you know that I hate you. Supersonic hate. Hate.


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