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Song:I Love You Honey, Give Me a Beer
Album:Against the Odds: 1974-1982Genres:New Wave, Rock
Year:2022 Length:162 sec


Now she tells me
Please please please please
When she said
Please do it for me
He can't say no
He can't ask why
And she knew it
Like the FBI

She knew it
I never thought it could be
She knew it
She couldn't tell me
I can't say no
If she cries a tear, oh
I love you, honey
Give me a beer

But just like Jerry Lee
She's tuned in on me
And I got no defense
But it makes no difference
'Cause just like Jerry Lee
She's tuning in on me
She does it easy
Like ABC

He delivers
He's a roadsider
He gets no road
From a backseat driver
Away we go
Yes or no
And she knew it
Come sit right here

I love you honey
Give me a beer
Ooh, she knew it
And so does he


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