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Overkill - Let Us Prey Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Let Us Prey
Album:NecroshineGenres:Thrash/Speed Metal
Year:1999 Length:400 sec


It took three damn days for the mission man Heard he's comin' straight from hell With a fast track bleedein' and siren screamin If you don't listen you could never tell Three days dead and risin' Where you goin' now.I widh you well Three days dead and risin' With a half head full a ' dreams I could never sell Let us prey Three days gone for the misson man Three days gone and risin' Three days gone hear the mission man say Time to get down to business Let us prey He walked in like the duke he was the mission man He had death leakin' from his eyes Machine gun bigger with his linger of the trigger Said it took me three days to rise Three days dead and risin' I think these here are yours. I couldn't tell Three days dead and risin' Then he handed on back the dreams that he couldn't sell Lord I got a bleeder it a tast track feeder And it nailed me down tight


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