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Al Green - Back Up Train Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Back Up Train
Album:Back Up TrainGenres:Soul
Year:1968 Length:137 sec

Lyricist: Al Green


Back up the train (Back up, train) Turn it around (Turn around) I`ve got to take my baby (Got to take my baby) Oh, wherever I`m bound I`m a lonely man Just a lonely man Need a helping hand Yeah, yeah Back up the train (Back up, train) Ease the pain (Ease the pain) Take me to my baby (Take me to my baby) I`m going insane So, mister conductor (Turn this train around) All you gotta do now (Turn this train around) ohh Music in my hand I`m a lonely man Need a helding hand Yeah,yeah So back this train up That all you gotta do now I`ll never forget the Girl I left behind Her tears, her kiss Her face stay on my mind I got to make her say That she`ll forgive me I gotta get back, so, ohh Baby, baby, baby, baby I need, I need your Loving right now, darling


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