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BOB WELCH - Precious Love Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Precious Love
Album:Three HeartsGenres:Pop
Year:1979 Length:194 sec


Artist:Bob Welch
Album:The Best Of Bob Welch
Title:Precious Love

Written by bob welch.

You got those big dark eyes that flash at me, baby
You got a head on your shoulders, you know what i mean
You got legs so long like you could walk on air
For you darlin', i'd go anywhere

For your love, your precious love
I' d do anything, yes i would
I want your love, your preicous love
I' ve been too lonely too long

You got a kind of walk that's just so fine
The way you fill those blue jeans baby, my my my
Yes and when you smiled at me like you did just now
All i want is just to get to you somehow

(repeat chorus)

Yeah those big dark eyes that flash at me
It's just your preicous love that i want, you to see

(repeat chorus)


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