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Lambretta - Perfect Tonight Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Perfect Tonight
Year:2001 Length:242 sec


In my hood

There磗 a boy

Making girls breathless

Serving Tea down on 39th street

And today

Even though

It may seem hopeless

IÁ£?l go down on my stumbling feet

And ask him out - oh yeah

And if Tonight

Turns in to this " Perfect tonight"

Then have a little mercy on my soul

And if the moon

Just lights up his devilish smile

It磗 gonna take a lot of manners to stop me from this:

- steal his precious first date-kiss

I磎 so ashamed

I am weak

What a big failure

I couldnÁ£ė speak - couldnÁ£ė feel my own tongue

I磎 such a fool

What can I say

But today - trust me!

I will do a little better this time

And ask him out - oh yeah


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