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Song:Love is all around
Album:Greatest Hits (CD+DVD Edition)Genres:Pop
Year:1994 Length:248 sec

Lyricist: Dj Bobo


Love is all around,
Love is all around, love is all around
Love is all around, everywhere you look, love is all around
See in the eyes of a mother and a child
See in the eyes of a friend
Love is all around, love is all around, love is all around

My heart starts boom, my arms so weak
My head is exploding everyday of the week
Can't eat, can't sleep, cause your body so sweet
Put your hand to my heart, can you feel the beat
You the wonderful girl with that sexual healing
When I hold your hand, and I get the feeling
You the only one, feel se proud,
Sweet, sweet girl, your love is all around

I'm dancing, and I feel like flying
And I see this girl, she is crying
I take her in my arms, it's like a dream
The most beautiful girl in the world I've seen
Look up to me, I see in your eyes
The moment of truth, no more lies
It's love, love at the first sight
Like heaven on earth, it's shining bright


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