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Tim Mcgraw - That
Song:That's Just Me
Album:All I Want/Not a Moment Too SoonGenres:Country
Year:1995 Length:194 sec

Lyricist: Tim McGraw


Well, I was southern born and raised on the Good Book,
My old boots are worn from the hard roads I took,
And I'm proud to be my daddy's son.
And momma tought me how to work and not to quit
Until the job's done.
Well, I may not be high society, but I got all I need,
And that's just me.
The only way I know to be,
That's just me.
What you get is what you see...

Well, they tell me I'm old fashioned,
And I'm part of a dying breed.
I'd say I'm living in real good company,
But that's just me.

Well, I got me a wife and we're bringing up a young son,
Well, she's a backwoods woman and my boys, he's a top gun.
We live out in the country where we're free to roam,
And when the hard day is over, how I love just going home.

Well, it's the life I live and the air I breathe,
The way I believe...

And that's just me,
The only way I know to be.
That's just me,
What you get is what you see...



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