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Song:You're Still Laughing
Album:Read My LipsGenres:Rock
Year:1984 Length:212 sec


You could've knocked me down
With the words coming out of your mouth
I was in shock I found
When your clothes started hitting the ground
I don't know what I said
But I had to tell you the truth
You went from a silhouette
To the bed as I took off my shoes

Why did you tell me you would
When you wouldn't
Why did you shut me down
Then change your mind
Tell me why

You're still laughing
And I'm left asking what's the joke
You're still laughing
And I'm left standing all alone

Who would've thought you wanted to
Practice playing the tease
You must have been taught to taunt
By a pro at an early age
I wasn't prepared for this
And I still have a lump in my throat
The lady in red is history
And all she left was a note

Why did you tell me you could
But you couldn't
Why did you toss me off
Then put me on
What went wrong

You made a fool of me
I guess I'm too naive
I thought you were my friend
But I guess I'll think again



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