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Reba McEntire - Reba Mcentire - And Still Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Reba Mcentire - And Still
Album:Read My MindGenres:Blues
Year: Length:208 sec


Thousands Of Peope Live In This Town
and I Had To Run Into Him
when I Saw Him There
on That Busy Street
those Feelings Came Back Again
there Was No Where To Run
nowhere To Hide
he Walked Up To Me And Looked In My Eyes

and Still
the World Stood Still
and I Coudn't Move
and All I Could Feel Was This Aching In My Heart Saying I Love Him Still

he Said How Have You Been
its Great To See You Again
you're Really A Sight For Sore Eyes
i Said I Can't Complain
oh-I'm Doing Fine
we Talked As The People Rushed By
we Laughed About Old Times And All We've Been Through
thats When He Hugged Me And Said I've Mised You


that's When She Walked Up To Him
he Said This Is My Wife
i Gave My Best Smile But I Was Dying Inside
he Said We Have To Go Now
its Getting Late
it Was So Good To See You
and They Walked Away

and Still
my World Stood Still
and I Coudnt Move
and All I Could Feel Was This Aching In My Heart Sayng I Loved Him Still


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