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Song:Stop The World Tonight
Album:It Tears Me Up - The Best Of Percy SledgeGenres:Soul
Year:1992 Length:194 sec


Stop the world tonight
Oh let me stay in your arms forever
And when all my dreams
Start to spin
Love, oh love, begin

And it's not like before
Oh this may never happen again
Oh let me hold you
Oh let it begin

And my words of love
They’re spoken in the night
And they're just for you
Darling make it right

Stop the world tonight
'Cause I’m holding my world here in my arms
Oh let me stay
Oh let me stay
Please let me stay

Hear my words of love, let me stay
In my world of love please let me stay, girl
In my world of love oh let me stay now
In my world of love please let me stay, girl...


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