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Song:Lonely Man
Album:The Mca YearsGenres:Heavy Metal
Year:2017 Length:259 sec

Lyricist: Tygers of Pan Tang


I Walk The Streets Alone, Memories Turn Out Wrong God
looking For Some Answers, To All My Questions
now Fools Don't Care About The Blues
so I'm Told But I Don't Know, If I Drink Too Much
it Helps Me Forget My Loneliness

i'm Just A Lonely Man, Crying To Be Just A Lonely Man
so Long, So Long, I've Been Lonely So Long

i Always Seem To Lose And Get Refused, Must Face The Truth
i Need Somebody I Can Talk To And Trust, I'm Waiting, Waiting
for Someone To Come And Make It Right
i Don't Want Sympathy
and I'm So Tired Of Myself You See.

wish I Could Find Some Love, And Affection, Direction
not Many Chances Have Ever Come My Way
tell Me Is There A Secret, To Happiness That Stops Distress
why Do Things Always Change
why Can't Anything Stay The Same


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