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Song:Ill Try Something New
Album:Depend On Me: The Early AlbumsGenres:11
Year:1994 Length:159 sec

Lyricist: The Miracles


I will build you a castle with a tower so high
It reaches the moon
I'll gather melodies from birdies that fly
And compose you a tune
Give you lovin' warm as mama's oven
And if that don't do
Then I'll try something new
I will take you away with me as far as I can
To Venus or Mars (Venus)
There we will love with your hand in my hand
You'll be queen of the stars
And every day we can play on the Milky Way
And if that don't do
Then I'll try something new
(Musical Interlude)
I will bring you a flower from the floor of the sea
To wear in your hair
I'll do anything and everything to keep you happy
Girl to show you that I care
I'll pretend I'm jealous of all the fellas
And if that don't do
Then I'll try somethin new
I take the stars and count 'em and move a mountain
And, if that don't do I'll try somethin new
Well the moon above, Ill write in cheese that I love
And baby, If it don't do I'm gonna try somethin new
Well if at first I dont succeed, try again is what Ill do
Always try something else
Always try something thats new (something new)
Yea, Yeah


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