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Mike Oldfield - Far Country Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Far Country
Album:Earth MovingGenres: 
Year: Length:265 sec

Lyricist: Mike Oldfield


She takes the rain,
And turns it to sun,
And my soul, she fills it.
Where once was a desert,
Rivers now run
And my storm, she stills it.
She takes the rain.

[ Chorus ]

She breathes the air
From a far country.
This bond survives
Like a tall, tall tree.
I close my eyes
And how far I see....
She takes the rain.

She gives me hope
When there's nothing but pain.
I can't explain it.
Two different leaves,
But the branch is the same.
Forever, let it be....
She takes the rain.

[ Repeat Chorus ]

She takes the rain.

[ Repeat Chorus ]


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