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Song:Sailor's Lament
Album:Keep On Chooglin' Part TwoGenres:Classic Rock
Year: Length:230 sec

Lyricist: Creedence Clearwater Revival


Woke up early feelin' light, (Shame, it's a shame.)
Somebody got to me last night, (Shame, it's a shame.)
Sat down for a friendly duel, (Shame, it's a shame.)
With one-eyed jacks 'n' jokers, too, (Shame, it's a shame.)

Ooh, sailor man, (Shame, it's a shame.)
Ooh, sailor man. (Shame, it's a shame.)

Poormouth Henry turned on me, (Shame, it's a shame.)
Said, "Boy, I'm gonna pick you clean." (Shame, it's a shame.)


Henry said, "Don't you mess that pile," (Shame, it's a shame.)
Had three aces 'n' he had five. (Shame, it's a shame.)


Shame, it's a shame.
(repeat 5x)


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