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Song:Pay The Devil
Album:Proof: The Very Best Of The KnackGenres:SCHALKE 04 :-)
Year:1998 Length:246 sec

Lyricist: The Knack


Ooh baby ooh ooh baby ooh
Got to learn to give the devil his due

You've got it made
And you made it your way
Life's looking great
Now you've found the right game to play
Came a long way from the valley
Aimed so high shot so true

Ooh baby ooh ooh baby ooh
Everybody's got to read the reviews
Ooh baby ooh even you
Got to learn to give the devil his due

I'm not alone
I'm lonely for you
Won't use the phone
No I don't want to say it's true
Still your frame hangs in the gallery
The paint is dry but the pain's still new

Ah love conquers all
When after all it was you
Just you you you you you


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