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Andrea Bocelli - Oh Mio Rimorso Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Oh Mio Rimorso
Album:Pavarotti und FriendsGenres:Klassik
Year:2000 Length:177 sec

Lyricist: Andrea Bocelli


Oh mio rimorso! Oh infamia!
lo vissi in tale errore!
Ma il turpe sogno a frangere
il ver mi baleno!
Per poco inseno acquetati,
O grido dell' onore;
m'avarai securo vindice;
quest' onta lavero.
Oh mio rossor! Oh infamia!
Ah, si, quest' onta lavero

(english translation)
Oh, my remorse! Oh, disgrace!
And I lived so mistaken!
But the truth, like a flash,
has broken into my base sleep!
For a little while be calm in my breast,
O cry of honour;
in me you shall have a sure avenger;
I shall wash away this infamy.
Oh, shame! Oh, disgrace!
Ah, yes, I shall wash away this infamy.


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