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Song:Kim Wilde 1993 03 Water On Glass
Album:Kim Wilde 1993 The Singles CollectionGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:215 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


A. Cascading Down.
There's A Sound Vaporising Into Vision.
It's A Sound In My Head That I Feel
And It Shuts Me In A Prison. [end Of A.]

b. Say It Won't Last, Say It Will Pass.
Always The Sound In My Brain.
Can You Hear It

Water On Glass Running Down Again.
Water On Glass, That Sound.
Water On Glass Running Round Again.
Help Me, The Sound Of Running Water's Coming Down. [end Of B.]

dancing Away Like The Lights On A Moving Coloured River.
sounds In My Head Seem To Run And Again I'm Feeling Shiver.

[repeat B.]
[repeat A.]
[repeat B.]
[fade To Die


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