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Song:Kim Wilde 1981 09 Falling Out
Album:Kim Wilde 1981 Kim WildeGenres:Pop
Year:1981 Length:243 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


What Can I Say Now After All Is Said And Done.
you Cut Me Up In Pieces When The Shooting First Begun.
what Did I Do To You To Make You Turn Away.
'cause Now There's Nothing Left For Me,
there's Nothing I Cxan Say.

a. Now It's To Late You Feeling Sorry.
You'll Never Change.
And There's Nothing You Can Do About It.

Falling Out - Why Did You Do It To Me, Yeah.
Falling Out - Cutting Me Up Into Pieces.
Falling Out - You Know That You Upset Med, Yeah.
Falling Out - You Know That I'm So Hurt Baby. [end Of A.]

you Said You Loved Me, I Believed You For A While.
you Sure Could Fool The Angels When You Use That Painted Smile.
i Should Have Known That It Was Too Good To Be True.
but Now That It's All Over, You Know I Won't Forget You.

[repeat A.]

so Now It's Over And There's Nothing Left To Say.
the Flame That Burned Within My Heart Now Slowly Fades Away.
so Don't You Ever Think Of Knocking On My Door.
just Turn The Light Out, Close Your Eyes Andthink Of Me No More.

[repeat A


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