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Song:Kim Wilde 1993 06 Child Come Away
Album:Kim Wilde 1993 The Singles CollectionGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:244 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


A. Child Come Away,
It's The Girl With The Deputy Walking By.
Just Go And Play!
No, I Won't Give Any Reasons So Don't Ask Why. [end Of A.]

i Read The Story For A Week Ago.
they Found Her On The Beach That Night.

they Said The Light Had Gone Out Of Her Eyes,
and Noone Ever Be Right.

she Was So Full Of Her Life.
happy Whith The People She Knew.
but Now Nonone Can Tell.

[repeat A.]

all They Find Was Some In The Sand, A Message Saying She Was Mine.
nobody Touch Her As Got In The Car And Nobody Dares To Anytime.

she Was So Full Of Her Life.
a Girl That Everyone Once Knew.
but Now Nonone Can Tell.

[repeat A.]

read The Story Judge
Had To Turn Away.
it's All Over Town. [echo]

i Saw Her Face In A Back Of A Car As They Was Speeding Out Of Town.
she Got A Mark On Her Side Of Her Face That Noone's Ever Seen Around.

what She Is Or What She'll Become I Guess Noone Will Know.

[repeat A


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