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Song:Kim Wilde 1993 05 View From A Bridge
Album:Kim Wilde 1993 The Singles CollectionGenres:Rock
Year:1993 Length:210 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


A. View From A Bridge, Can't Take Anymore.
View From A Bridge, Can't Take Anymore. [end Of A.]

i Guess It All Began A Year Ago, Like A Cheap Love Magazine.
you Know The Kind You Read About, And Had To Laugh At The Pages In Between.
now I Can't Believe That Fool Inside Me,
cos' I Just Can't Face The World I've Grown To See.

[repeat A.]

i Saw You Kissing Her.
i Saw You Making Her.
in The Soft Sheets In Between.
but When You Turned Around I Saw Your Eyes Were Fire,
and You Crashed Out All My Dreams.

and Like A Fool I Just Stood There And Let It Go.
i Should Have Fought Right Back And Let My Feelings Show.

[repeat A.]

you Sure As Hell Know How To Make A Fool Of Me.
well You Cut Me Down For The Things You Want, And Now It's Killing Me.

[deep Dark Voice]
i'll Lay It On The Line Now.
you're Running Out Of Time Now.

but Then A Voice Said Jump And I Just Let Go And I'm Floating Out In Space.
but Then I Feel Your Arms And I Turn Around To A Ghost Without A Face.

and I Just Don't Know What's Fact Or Fantasy,
'coz When I Look Below The Bridge I See It's Me.

[repeat A Several Times.]
[fade To Die


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