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Song:Kim Wilde 1996 06 2-6-5-8-0
Album:Kim Wilde 1996 Greatest hitsGenres:Pop
Year:1996 Length:190 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


I Watch A Man Sitting Down By The Park.
the Flashy Suit Manufactured By The Makers.
he's Got A Pen And He Circles An Add.
it Maked Him Laugh 'cos He's Reading Dirty Papers.


she Doesn't Know But She's Getting His Call.
he's Talking Straight But He Wants It In A Strange Way.
he Combs Her Hair Doesn't Worry At All.
he Could Be Mad But It's Just Another Pay Day.

a. R. 2-6-5-8-0 (3)
Oh, Dial It If You Want To Know Me. [end Of A.]

she Likes To Live On The Poor Side Of Town.
she's Chacking Down With A Guy From West Guiana.
the Boys Around Always Look At The Ground.
oh, What They'd Give For A Night With That Piranha.

[repeat A.]

she Doesn't Have To Make Her Money That Way.
she Such A Pretty Young Girl.
i Guess They Love It 'cos You Hear When They Stay.
the Cry Oh, Oh, Oh.

this Guy Arrives Looking Scared As A Rat.
he Needs Her Love But He Wants It Like A Brother.
three Hours Later He Crawls Out On His Knees.
she's Laughing Loud 'cos He's Calling For His Mother.

[repeat A Two Times


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