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Song:Kim Wilde 1993 18 Dancing In The Dark
Album:Kim Wilde 1993 Love BlondeGenres:Pop/Rock
Year:1993 Length:326 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


A. We Were Dancing, Dancing In The Dark.
Sweet Romancing, Something's Gonna Start. [end Of A.]

he Stepped Into The Night With Is Heart Opened Wide.
i Was Standing There With Nowhere Left To Hide.
he Looked To Me Like A Shadow Moving In The Night.
then He Took A Hold Of My Hand In The Soft Moonlight.

[repeat A.]

i Could Hear His Heartbeat Pounding In The Night.
i Could Feel His Body Starting To Be Kind.
with His Soft Red Lips Made Up My Mind.
his Soothing Kiss Was All I Desired.

[repeat A.]

we Kissed And Touched But It Wasn't Enough To Stop This Wheel Of Fire.
one Step At A Time And I Knew He Was Mine.
we Were Lost In The Heat Of Desire.

[repeat A.]

no Way, No Way At All To Stop At All, To Stop Us Moving Closer.
each Look In His Eyes Made My Heart Beat In Time.
over And Over And Over And Over...

[repeat A Several Times.]
[fade To Die


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