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Sandra - Stop For A Minute Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Stop For A Minute
Album:Greatest HitsGenres:Blues
Year: Length:244 sec

Lyricist: Sandra


I will try
I will try
not to lose my own
If you cry
That secret down

Open up your eyes again
Even you can try
Dont you think
you toil in vain
What have you come to be, to be now?

Stop for a minute
You better change
your heart in time
Stop for a minute
You can believe that part of mine
Ill be protectin you
From what you run into
If you will hold on
Stop for a minute

I rely
I rely on my chance to know
You and I
Could feel as once

Open up and start again
An take a look around
Dont you see what I have meant
What have you come to be, to be now?

Stop for a Minute...

And what is left to you
Where are you goin to
That sorrow in your life
What did you come to be now?

Stop for a minute...


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