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Modern Talking - Diamonds Never Made A Lady Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Diamonds Never Made A Lady
Album:The 1st AlbumGenres:Dance
Year: Length:249 sec

Lyricist: Modern Talking


Oh my heart is crying in the night for you
Oh, my God, oh don't you feel like a fool
You're fooling yourself with a millionaire
You think it's love but he don't care
And one of these days
You're gonna be surprised

Diamonds never made a lady, lover or a friend
I know it
Diamonds never made a lady, all your dreams will end
I know it

Your Californian nights
Warm body held you tight
Was just a dream
But all the diamond lights
Can't give you peacefull nights or sweet dreams

Oh my God, you really think you have it made
Your heart is won, with first class expenses paid
You drink champaign, eat caviar
A colour TV in the back of your car
But one of these days
You're gonna be surpised


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