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Song:Bonita Applebum
Year: Length:217 sec

Lyricist: A Tribe Called Quest


DO I love you?
Do I lust for you?
Am I a sinner because I do the two?
Can you let me know? right now please? bonita applebum

Bonita applebum,you got to put me on (repeat 7x)
Bonita, bonita, bonita

VERSE:(a pause in beginning of verse)
Hey bonita, glad to meet cha
for the cunnin' stunning you, miss I must beseech cha
Hey, being with you is a top priority
Ain't no need to question the authority
Chairman of the board, the chief of affections
You got minds that sway in your direction
Hey, you're like a hip-hop song you know
Bonita applebum you got to put me on


VERSE:(a pause in beginning of verse)
38-24-37, you and me hon, we're a match made in heaven
I like to kiss you where some brothas won't
I like to tell you things some brothas don't
If only you can see through your elaborate eyes
Only you and me hon, the love never dies
Satisfaction, I have the right tactics
And if you need them I got crazy prophylactics
So far I hope you like rap songs
Bonita applebum you got to put me on



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