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Song:How Long Can A Man Be Strong
Album:Hell To PayGenres:Rock
Year: Length:267 sec

Lyricist: The Jeff Healey Band


I've been a restless,
for a long, long time
Tryin' to find a home
for this heart of mine
The nights are lonely,
and the days are long
It’s hard to find a reason,
to carry on

But all this searchin',
is it ever gonna end?
Must I keep on losin',
again and again?

Tell me, how long can a man be strong?
How long must he carry on,
without the love of a woman,
to call his own?
Tell me, how long can a man be strong ?

It’s on every man’s mind,
to find that special girl
Some of them getta lucky
But I'm alone in this world

Still I know she’s out there somewhere
so I’m gonna keep on tryin’
Someday I’m gonna find her,
it’s just a matter of time

As long as I’ve been waiting,
I know she’s been waiting, too
Hold on a little longer,
I’m all the way to you

Now ever since this world began,
it takes a woman to make a man
Now I need someone!
Don’t you know I need someone?


But all this searchin’,
is it ever gonna end?
Must I keep on losin’,
again and again and again?

Oh keep on waiting
Oh noooo


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