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MxPx - Breathe Deep Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Breathe Deep
Album:Let's RockGenres:Punk Rock
Year:2006 Length:110 sec


Drowning, here at the edge of the ocean.
My ship is breaking up, now it's already broken.
I hear your voice and I don't understand it,
You see me now, but my minds in transit.
Off 'a running to oblivion.

I'm holding on,
It won't be long.
Till we all breathe deep,
Falling through the darkness that we keep,
Where shadows lie and we don't fall asleep.
We all breathe deep.
You can break my fall, or you can sit back watching.
You can watch me sink, as your holding a life ring.
You made a choice, but you don't understand it.
I see you blink while your minds in transit,
All the way into oblivion.

I'm holding on,
It won't be long.

If time were water,
Today would be a slow slow drip.
Time's been passing by right through me,
Ship by ship.



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