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MxPx - Every Light Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Every Light
Album:Let's RockGenres:Punk Rock
Year:2006 Length:172 sec


"Every Light"

Deep down in the oceans of my soul
I breathe the water in don't make me *hold??*
A shadow at the bottom of the sea
Moving with the current floating free

But will time swallow all the pain
Floating to the streets and to the store (???)
It's peaceful in my neighborhood at night
Every house has turned off every light
But I can't seem to find the switch for mine
Every light is on inside my mind

I don't think I've ever been so cold
I breathe the fire in don't make me *gold??*
Now my life will never be the same
What was once a spark is now a flame


I'll find rest tonight
Wake up in the early morning light

Face the day and turn away
Get my (???) and turn my cal
Follow me where life is great
Take my hand into eternity



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