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Song:You're Not Alone
Album:Chicago 19Genres:Older
Year: Length:240 sec

Lyricist: Chicago


I see you there, a silhouette in the moonlight;
looks like you've given up on love.
You used to be the face in the spotlight;
now lonliness fits you like a glove.
You walk around in your cloak of darkness,
too blind to see the light.
Your wings are broken, now your spirit can't take flight.

You're not alone, you're not alone,
while your heart's still young and free.
You're not alone, pick up the phone
and talk to me; baby, you will see
you're not alone.

Pools of sorrow and tears of joy;
There's a broken-up girl for every broken-down boy.
But you don't wanna hear it,
you like the rhythm of the blues;
Wanna be a sad story on the late-night news.
I don't mean to burst your bubble,
but the world's got troubles worse than you.
And everybody else out here gets lonely too.

You're not alone, you're not alone,
I;ve been waiting patiently.
No, you're not alone, pick up the phone
and talk to me, baby, you will see...

Although your heart is in pieces,
you can't find a reason to try.
You're not alone, while I'm still standing by.

[Repeat chorus and fade]


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