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Supertramp - Aries Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Indelibly StampedGenres:Hard Rock
Year: Length:457 sec


Alright, let's get the whole thing cooking

I try to run in a different race

But every time I seem to lose faith

Making it is hard, but taking is easy

But I got to keep trying to lessen my pace

Oh, dubidaidai, dubidaidaidada...

I try to walk down a city street

I say hello to the people I meet

They're walking their way, thinking I'm crazy

But I have so much trouble just keeping the beat

Well my way of life is simple

'Cause I just do what I please

Whatever I was blessed with

It wasn't a life of peace

It's all right, yeah, here she comes

Oh, maybe I'm just a country boy

The city life will bring me no joy

Well it's bringing me down, it's making me lonely

You see I'm fooling with life and it ain't no toy

Well my way of life is simple

'Cause I just do what I please

And whenever I got problems

I just call upon Aries

All right yeah

Here she comes

Here she comes


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